Nedodity Preserve Trail trailhead

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Acessed from Nedodity Rd., there is space for 3-4 cars to pull off the road across from the trailhead. For driving directions to this point, click here.

Established and maintained by the Haddam Land Trust, the trail is marked with white blazes.

For an easy forested walk, take this trail from the trailhead down to the creek, and retrace your steps rather than continuing on the loop. For a more challenging hike, look carefully for the return blazes (which are currently difficult to see as the trail loops around) and walk the full loop.

The trail is marked with white blazes and an occasional Haddam Land Trust emblem.

The trail begins at a typical New England old stone wall, through a relatively young forest. All along the trail you will notice various rock formations, some of which must have been arranged by humans, but others which appear to have been positioned by Mother Nature. Continue down a gentle slope through ferns, mosses and mountain laurel. The trail is single file width, but relatively easy to follow through this section. At about .3 miles you will come to a creek. To continue on the loop, turn left just before the creek, and a few steps down turn left again to pick up the return leg. As of August, 2102 the initial return blazes and the trail itself are virtually non-existant for the first hundred feet or so of the return, but become clear as you head up the hill for a bit. The return on this leg is mostly a moderate uphill. There are more rock formations, very similar to the ones seen on the way down. Exit the trail about .1 miles up Nedodity Rd. from the trailhead.

NOTE: at the point by the creek where the trail returns, there is a more obvious trail that parallels the creek for about .25 miles. This is a lovely walk, but be aware that it is not part of the loop trail, and does end up on private land.

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Rock formations such as this one abound on this trail.

Be aware that this lovely stretch of trail along the creek is not part of the Nedobity Preserve Trail. Enjoy, but turn around when you reach private land.